Friday, October 21, 2011

Pick-up Ultimate, 1pm at Duniway Park

It might rain on Sunday, but even if it does it probably won't be bad to play in. Let's meet at 1pm at Duniway Park. Bring a light shirt and a dark shirt.


  1. So some of us are down for a brewpub pedal on saturday the 12th. I suggest that we start at Laurelwood and end at Burnside Brewing and that we hit Columbia river brewing, Migration brewing, Coalition Brewpub, and maybe Natian Brewing as well.
    I propose a start time around 4pm. Go to to check out the trajectory and get a feel for the ride. Hope to see many of you out on the tour! Cheers! Weather permitting of course.

  2. Actually looks like we are going to do the brewpedal on Friday instead and start around 6:30 at Migration Brewing. If you see this post and can definitely make it, post a comment saying that you are in.