Monday, October 3, 2011

Ideas for a Logo

Some people are interested in creating T-shirts for our SW frisbee players. We're working on designing a logo. So far, the only idea has been Eddie's face, but there might be funnier things out there, who knows? j/k Eddie. Anyway, chime in if you have any ideas. Eventually we'll draw up a sketch and see if we can get some sweet shirts to represent us.


  1. Eddie's face would be a very sexy logo, but is it the statement everyone wants... I just don't know;)

    I actually feel Suki's logo or something to incorporate Suki's would be great because it's a great fun place to get to know your team member's and create awesome unity!! And I heard talk of them maybe sponsoring the team in the future for tournament's.

  2. Incorporating Suki's on the shirt would be a good idea. hmmm...

  3. Team Suki's- Just heard someone say it... Thought it sounded nice:)