Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome to Ultimate Frisbee at Duniway

After years of playing ultimate frisbee at Duniway Park in Portland, Oregon, it seems about time to put some organization into it. The pick-up game started by a wonderful fellow named Brian began as a Sunday game only. It has now expanded into mid-week, with a Wednesday game that has become active just this year.

If you are interested in playing, we currently have a Sunday game at 1pm and a Wednesday game at 6pm. These times are likely to change, so come back for any updates.

SW Duniway Park is on the corner of SW Barbur Blvd and SW Sheridan Ave. There are two fields and we usually play at the large lower one, but if you don't see us there, you can usually find us just a short walk up the hill at the upper field.

Our group is mostly comprised of young adults in their 20's and 30's, but don't let that deter you if you are over or under these ages. We have played with teenagers, seniors and all the in between groups too. Beginners are always welcome.

Players should bring a light shirt and a dark shirt so that we can even out the teams as needed. Many people wear cleats to the game, but they aren't necessary. Some people play barefoot. It's up to you. Just show up ready to run and you're good to go.

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